Vogue 8747 in Kaffe Fassett Check Cotton

Vogue 8747  View C sleeves with View B neckline

I was so excited when I found the custom cups on vogue patterns, but I’ve had really odd luck with vogue in the last year.  Either it’s swimming on me or it’s blindingly tight.  Mostly, it’s because I’ve been losing weight and sizing is a moveable target – like when I thought my full bust was 42″ and it was 41″.

For knits, I’ve settled on size 14 with tweaking, but with wovens, I’m anywhere from 14 to 18.  This pattern I cut at 14, D cup, and had to let out at the side seams for an extra 1″.  The waist was the biggest problem, which was a big surprise, since my waist is relatively small.

I cut the collar, sleeve hems and button bands on the bias and it’s ruddy adorable, especially where the top of the front catches the button band in matching bias.

Fantastic, right?  So, why this face:

Let’s start at the top:

1. The collar is interfaced and holds well, but the weight of it is crushing the bias in the upper front.  😦

2. The gathers at the bust give me cartoon squinch face boobs.   (My boobs are mad?!!?)

3. The sleeves are too long or, in real world terms, my arms are too short and the 3/4 length sleeves look wrong on me.  They just re-enforce the T-rex-yness of my T-rex arms.

I’ll still wear a couple of times before the inevitable donation.  And, sayonara, V8747.

(Parts of the above will be plagiarized for PR.)

On happier knitting front:

Isn’t this just delish?

I joined the Ravelry Tosh merino light mini skein swap.  Basically a group of 20, each cut up a different color skein of tml and have a grand swap of colors.  I joined two groups and will get 40 5g skeins of tml.  I’m kind of giddy.  In less than a year, I’ve become a big fan of the line and the colors.

The colors above are posy and duchess and it’ll be fun to see a ton of shades I would never spend money on.

I’m planning on a stripy top down sweater, with a neutral for the ribbing.

And, yes, I’m ignoring that I didn’t update this blog in a whole year.  Of course, it’s probably silly to re-start now.  In a couple of weeks, I’ll be away for almost a month.  But, if I keep procrastinating …… well, I wouldn’t blog in a year.