What to knit on a 72 deg day:  Mohair Mittens!

Pattern:  Josephina, adorable fingerless gloves, elbow length, with just a touch of girly picot cast off.  Perfect.

Yarn: Louisa Harding Impression, Gold and Slate

I found a small cache of the slate at an online store and bought one, just to get to use up my one ball of gold in the stash.  Then I re-lived what lovely yarn this is and order the rest of the slate, in case of an impending mohair emergency.  There’s a plan for it.  There’s a plan for everything.

Obviously, my hand posing is very derivative.  Of Palmolive ads, I think.  But the tune in my head is “mild green, fairy liquid”.  My husband remembers every ad ditty from his childhood, even though he didn’t watch  a lot of TV.  Actually, he has an incredibly accurate ear for a non-musical person.  There was this music game show when I was kid.  The contestants would bid money on how many notes it would take to recognize a tune, “I’ll name that tune in one”.   Tom is gifted like that.  I just realised the show must have been called “Name That Tune”.  Sheeesh, my brain is bust.


What to knit on an 80 degree day: Mohair hat! Stranded!!

Pattern: Fair Isle Hat from the super fantastic new Knit Noro.   If you like the stuff, get the book.  It’s the best Noro book I’ve ever seen.  The book link goes to Knitting Fever, the publisher, with all the pattern pictures.

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden and Rowan Pure Wool Aran

Sulcoski, the designer, also designed the popular fake isle hat.  I bought these two yarns a while ago and this was perfect.  I added more patterning since I had a lot less color to play with.  The pattern uses a MC and a different colorway as two CC’s (either end of the ball) and it’s delicious.  Instead of I cord, I braided the ties (very cute, thank you very much) and placed the ear flaps more ergonomically (further back from the center).  Little details.

This is probably my most favorite colorway of Silk Garden, outside of #84.  It’s 282, and has big winey runs of purples and reds.  Delicious.

Can I just add, I generally find mohair uncomfortable.  I think the crazy may be over, at least with the mohair.