So, the kids at Apple have poked some life into the old girl (altho’ I was totally eyeing up a new 27″ screen) and I get to post.

This is my entry for the PR knock off contest and it was so much fun to get creative with patterns, although this one is super easy.  The original, Textural Paradise Top from Anthropologie:

My version:


  • My yoke ends higher on the front than on the original.
  • I used netting instead of lace and cotton jersey for the rest, all from stash and the netting tea dyed to soften the color and match the jersey.  The netting is very soft and oversewn with rough cut cotton floral shapes.  I didn’t have any lacey ribbon to straddle the front and back to the yoke, so skipped that detail.
  • My sleeves look shorter.

The original is Burda March 2010, 118 (size 42).  I used the back piece for the front also and re-traced a new front neckline.  I then added a shoulder yoke, by putting the front and back pieces together and filling in the gap (blue pencil).  And, two new cutting lines (green pencils) to create a back yoke (that extends a bit into the front).  Et, voila!

I made up my muslin from a very thin black flocked lace knit, using the fabric for all three pieces:

For the final top, I took in the Aline seams in by about 1″, giving it a more fitted look.

I think my top is a fairly honest interpretation and both my tops are really nice to wear in the summer heat.

More photos of the final piece:

I’ve been gathering more ideas for more knock offs.  I think this’ll become a rich new source of ideas to grow my sewing skills.