PR Weekend is finally here.  I booked my ticket about four months ago, so to finally have it all come together is really exciting.

It sounds as if a lot of the 1oo attendees have been sewing up a storm, but I just made one top and fixed a slinky skirt from six years ago.  Instead I focused on a cute nametag (I’ll blog that later) and a cover for my beloved kindle.

I bought a collection of felted, dyed wool squares from Purlsoho.  There are 10 squares, 9 of which can make a blanket.  In the suggested project, they use the tenth square to make a pocket for a folding blanket, a quillow.  Instead, I used the odd one out for my book cover.

Since it’s felted, there’s really no need to finish the edges, but I did large herringbone stitch to stabilise the opening and finish the flap hem.

Isn’t the button cute?  It’s from a long dead cardi.  Looks like a wood pansy.  Yes, I made that up.


Bag is packed, electronics are charged, I’m all checked in……

One more sleep!

Final thought.  I love spring ….. fresh fava beans.  Just blanch them for a couple of minutes, squeeze a little lemon juice and sprinkle of sea salt.  Yum.

Reminds me of my aunt making them for me in the spring.