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We’ve got house guests, my Mac is dead and my head’s all over the place.

I finally, actually, made something for a PR contest and have no way of posting it.

I finished knitting a pair of mittens and it’s 80 degrees.

Send help! Crazy person on the loose…….

Off to Chicago!

PR Weekend is finally here.  I booked my ticket about four months ago, so to finally have it all come together is really exciting.

It sounds as if a lot of the 1oo attendees have been sewing up a storm, but I just made one top and fixed a slinky skirt from six years ago.  Instead I focused on a cute nametag (I’ll blog that later) and a cover for my beloved kindle.

I bought a collection of felted, dyed wool squares from Purlsoho.  There are 10 squares, 9 of which can make a blanket.  In the suggested project, they use the tenth square to make a pocket for a folding blanket, a quillow.  Instead, I used the odd one out for my book cover.

Since it’s felted, there’s really no need to finish the edges, but I did large herringbone stitch to stabilise the opening and finish the flap hem.

Isn’t the button cute?  It’s from a long dead cardi.  Looks like a wood pansy.  Yes, I made that up.


Bag is packed, electronics are charged, I’m all checked in……

One more sleep!

Final thought.  I love spring ….. fresh fava beans.  Just blanch them for a couple of minutes, squeeze a little lemon juice and sprinkle of sea salt.  Yum.

Reminds me of my aunt making them for me in the spring.

Vogue 1247

vogue 1247

I don’t make too many loose fitting clothes, lest I look muumuu-clad.  But in the dog days of summer, when you lie melting into the couch, a little relaxed top is heavenly.  This is the new Rachel Comey pattern for Vogue.

It has a wide, v neck and  cuffed, elbow length, dolman style sleeves.

There are shoulder pleats

and the front is cut in sections, with the bottom torso being made up of four different pieces.

My fabric was a squirrely rayon crepe from Sawyer Brook.  It fought hard and I had to re-do the cuffs and re-sew the back seam, but I think I won the war.  The top looks very much like the original, although my back hem doesn’t gracefully flow down, like the model’s.  My hem resides contentedly on my derriere.  Maybe the fabric won a battle or two, but I’m guessing it needed more than 2-3″ ease at the hip.  It doesn’t create an eye sore, so I’m ok with it.

This top doesn’t have much hanger appeal, but it’s lovely to wear with fitted pants or a skirt.

Serious pose!

Downside of Stash

You know, apart from the monthly dash for more boxes.  Or the buying the same thing over and over again.  Or suffocating when it falls on you.  Or the horrible, slow shuffle towards hoarding.

Today, it was losing the stash, namely seven balls of Karabella Vintage Cotton.  They’re a grey-green color, which means they should stick out like a sore thumb around here (I have an exuberant color palette).  I’ve gone through the boxes in the basement, all double digits of them, all with labels (!).  I searched the corner cupboard, my shelves in the sewing room, the drawers in the sewing room.  I don’t think I have any other hidey holes and I’m flummoxed.  And, frustrated.

Teva Durham’s Bell Sleeve Blouse, one bell sleeve:

Lace Sleeve

On Ravelry

Isn’t that pretty?  Her Loop-d-loop Lace is one of the best knitting books I’ve seen.  Clever and different and fun, and I love my knitting to be fun.  So, the idea was to hand knit two fun lace sleeves and machine knit the body.  It’d be quick, satisfying and, oh, fun.  Except for the danged yarn.

The blouse will co-ordinate with a piece of printed Indian linen from Purl Soho.  It’s a very heavy and rustic fabric, reminding me of sew-in canvas interfacing for tailoring, and it’s printed with silver leaves.  A little hard to photograph, but I think they’ll look great together:

printed linen from purl soho

I’m guess I’m going to have open up boxes tomorrow.  I’m actually sick of my stash and want it gone.  (Well, mostly gone.)  I’ll have to unload some of it soon, somehow.

And, now, a segue from:      Insane Stash ……….> Insane Bunnies!

Psycho Easter Bunnies

It doesn’t show up too well, but the bunnies look, erm, altered.  This was an Easter basket for my son and he loved it.  All he asked for was something with bunnies and this is what my copious stash threw up.  It’s by Jay McCarroll of Project Runway, season one winner.  Kid has a kooky eye.

Connor had the coolest basket at the egg hunt, so a win all around.

Ooh, and on an ever better note, ladies, coffee is good for you.  I’m not at risk of either diabetes or stroke, but hey, I’ll take all the health benefits I can take.