I’ve been wanting a stripey top for a while now and when I saw this fabric at Emma One Sock, I snapped it up, hardly noticing that it was ‘featherweight’.  There’s been a wealth of the ultra light weight knits around the web recently and they’re not kidding.  This one is barely opaque and very elastic.  All this I pretty much ignored when I cut my pattern in a 42.  I should have used 44 in the bust and hips.  Now, I guess, I should lose a few pounds.

The pattern is fast and goes together very well. One change I made was to use a neckband to further highlight the stripes.  I love it.  And the cuffs are so fun.

The only fussy part is lining up the stripes, so they match as much as possible. My hem is straight and the side seams match, but the sleeve and raglan seams don’t.  Eh.  It’s a narrow stripe, so the effect’s not too discordant.

How about I end with a fab titscrepancy shot?