Felted knitting always struck as me as a willful pursuit of destruction. Now, I get it. It is such a rush to stick a piece of knitting in hot water and squeeze the life out of it. Look what happens:

Before, 21″ x 13″

After, 14″ x 7″

The fabric has become spongy and heavy, it’s all really quite beautiful.

Yarn substituted with Elann Peruvian Sierra Aran. I didn’t swatch and mine is bigger than the design specs.
I backstitched the two pieces RS together.
When it came to the bottom stair stepped shape, I just stitched on a curve, to make a more pleasing line.

The pattern is sewn WS together and I don’t know how you would deal with the square step corners or if they would “disappear” during felting.

Next, I’m going to try a different felting technique on it. Inspired by this lovely Japanese felting book/magazine:

I’m going to needle punch circles along the bottom, as in the cover picture. And then, line it and find handles.

This is the original by Ms. Gaughan:

I have a serious knitting crush on her. You know how some designers just move you with their work? Her work has re-oriented my perspective on knitted fabric.