This method works just as well for sleeveless top with lining or with combination facing (neckline and armscye combined). The seams have to be cut accurately or you should be able to fudge creatively!

Sorry about the tiny writing, this is my first HOW TO. If you click on the picture, it opens up to full size.

1. The side seams are sewn separately in the fashion fabric and lining. They are placed RS facing, matching armscye and neckline seams.

2. Machine the armscye seam all the way around. Machine the neckline seam (front and back) to 2-3″ shy of the shoulder seam line.

3. Trim the seams, understitch if preferred, press and turn right side out.

4. Opening up the shoulder, match front shoulder to back shoulder, right sides together. Make sure the armscye seam line lines up perfectly. Pin or baste. Machine the shoulder seam.

5. Trim the shoulder seam and press. Turn right side out. Turn in the neckline seam allowance and slip stitch the seam together.

It’s a good idea to practice the slip stitch. It should be indistinguishable from a machined seam.