Can you guess how happy and proud I am right now? He’s only 4 1/2 years old.

I’ve been coming down in the mornings to my sewing room, with my machine is various stages of threading and with different feet on. When I found he’d changed the bobbin (successfully), I figured he needed his own machine.

It’s a Janome Mini Sew, an honest-to-goodness real sewing machine, with zigzag and straight stitch, and reverse sewing. It has the cutest little foot pedal and weighs 5lbs. It makes very nice seams.

He loves it. Everyday, he has wanted to make something. So far, we’ve kept it to rectangular things. He’s in charge of the presser foot, hand wheel and the foot pedal. I guide the fabric, because he doesn’t want to get near the needle – which is a *good* thing. 4 year old fingers are tiny.

Just adorable.