My ledger is a little empty of completed projects. But here are two Burda patterns from last month – one hopeful and one loser:

Burda 7907

I made View B as a muslin for View C – the dress with the wide straps. The muslin looks awful frumpy on me, doesn’t it? But it’s actually a good look.

I lengthened the bust piece vertically and widened the lower curved portion of it. The widening was actually too much and the resulting gathers are just too thick even for the thin muslin fabric.
On the other hand, I could have lengthened the piece by 3/8″ more.

This is the line drawing:

The shape of the decolletage is really pretty on me and with the wider straps, I believe the dress, in a mid-weight cotton, will be a winner for summer.

And the loser:

Burda 8269

This is the plus version of 8407. I haven’t compared the two to see if the hip curves are more emphasized on the plus version.

I cut this out in a size 46 last summer, from a stretch velveteen. I’d washed and dried the fabric, which gave it a (permanent) crushed look.

The lines are really interesting and the trumpet shape should be a winner on an hourglass figure like mine. But it looked so awful on me. Maybe it’s the length. The curve around the hips, followed by the flare around the calves just emphasized fat curvy to my eyes, instead of luscious curvy.

From this angle, it looks good doesn’t it, but from the front, I just looked wide. I could make it in a drapier fabric, but then the lines would be lost, so the pattern is getting moved to a better place.

Btw – this makes Fabric Mart bundle fabrics 0 for 5. I think I should jettison all the bundles I got from them. No matter how nice, they just have never worked for me. I don’t know if it’s guilt from buying so much or lack of respect for their neverending yards, but they all end up duds.