For Halloween 2005, I made Connor a Sportacus costume. I got an email from a Canadian lady a couple of weeks ago, asking if I would make an adult version for her daughter’s birthday. Today, I mailed if off to Canada.

To be honest, I don’t enjoy making costumes. They’re more fun than home dec (which makes me want to cry), but not a whole lot better. And, superhero costumes are so bitty and fiddly, especially in nylon/lycra.

This is ‘my’ Sportacus (gratuitous cute kid shot):

This is the real Sportacus:

Isn’t he delish? šŸ™‚

I ordered the dancewear nylon/lycra from Denver Fabrics and used Kwik Sew 3029:

Lots of fiddling about and steam-a-seam, we have:

I tried on the pieces to stress test them and they performed very well. I’m not too thrilled with the badge I made, but I sew, I don’t craft.

Natasha, the Mom, promised pictures from the party. I have my fingers crossed that the costume performs well. It’s my first adult male dance costume.

The WTH of the whole experience.

I tried on the pants to make sure it looked right. How come my tush (not male, not dance-y, not size medium) looked like a million dollars in them? Years, countless yards of paper and fabric, and I find size M KS men’s pants is where I should be. Seriously, what’s with that?