Edit: I had to change the title from “I hate DB” to ” I’m miffed at DB’s pattern” – because there’s too much bad energy out there – & because – really I’m as much to blame as the pattern.

My little guy in a gansey-style sweater from “How to Knit“. The yarn is a beautiful and silky (although a little splitty) Luxury Cotton DK from Rowan.

My temper has cooled a little on Ms. Bliss, because it’s really just my fault. I borrowed the book back in August of last year. I thought it’d be a great practice sweater to learn Western knitting. (I’m an Eastern style knitter.)

I looked at the size chart and thought, “Wow, these are HUGE for kids” and so made the 2-3 year old pattern for my 4-5 year old. Guess what? It’s still huge for a 4-5 year old. And mine is a big 4-5er. But, get this, the neckline is for a 3 year old.

So, what are my choices? Connor loves it, but says it’s the arms are too big. I could just wait the body out for a year and re-knit the neck appropriately sized for his age. Or – frog the whole thing, treat the yarn for the kinks and knit him something else. Gah! I think I’ll let it rest for a while.

I’ll take him to my LYS and get some yarn for the quicko cheapo. The poor kid just wants a sweater to wear.

Oh – why all the negativity? She specialises in kids’ knits – beautiful designs. Why the ridiculous sizing? It’s true to gauge, knit correctly, blocked right, so there should have been some logic to the sizes. That’s why I sort of trusted it, but I really should have just gone with my gut and left it alone. As it is, I’m leaving her patterns alone.