My Latin conjugation is awful, and my brain too mushy to google the correct phrase. Also I need to change my little intro to this blog, because we’re leaving New England. Back to Colorado we go. It’s a work thing.

We’ve loved it here and love it very much in Boulder, so everyone is happy. Connor and I were listing all the things we’ve enjoyed here – trees, grass, leaves, rocks, Walden Pond, school, bendy roads…. And for me, the very new sewing friends and relationships. I’m sad about all those things.

We’re leaving at the end of the month and sewing has become a pile of wistful UFO’s. I’ll have to get a Halloween costume made now to use when we arrive in Boulder. But otherwise it’s crazy packing time. For once, my procrastination has paid off and 60% of our things are still in boxes from the move in June.

The funniest thing is that two weeks after moving, I’ll be flying back for Patternreview weekend in New York.

I might just get back to regularly scheduled sewing in December, or January. I’m just grateful that I took up knitting.